chubbed upThe Bigfellas
Chubbed Up
Bigfellas Productions (DIY) 2009

Reviewed by Kent Manthie

From the absurd to the sublime is not that thick of a line. With that in mind, consider the new album from San Diego’s own Bigfellas, a quartet of dudes: Shay, Tim, Shaun and Charlie.
With Chubbed Up, their latest full-length CD, the fellas show off a varied number of cuts. Sounding a little like Ben Folds on “Johny Get Out Of the Sky” and “Wish You Knew” and different altogether, more folksy, more Steely Dan-meets Can or something, for example, on “4:20”, which is funny – get it? “4:20” – that’s like the magic numbers of hard-core potheads all over the U.S. at least – most likely it’s been sneaked into other countries and taken over the minds

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