CD review: Somewhere Gone

Exene Cervenka Somewhere Gone review

By J. Darren Lee

Rarely does a musical artist come by who experiments in more than one type of musical genre, much less more than one type of medium and still be great at every one. Exene Cervenka, formerly of the L.A. punk band X, is one such artist, whose creativity seemingly knows no bounds. From her MySpace site on, the song “Lonesome War” has a country feel, whereas “Big Stain” has a gravely folk/polka feel filled out with spoken word lyrics. Throw in songs such as “Give Me My Flowers”, a fun psychobilly jaunt, and her respectable punk roots; and her new cd Somewhere Gone is a must have for music enthusiasts come this October.

Exene Cervenka is one of those rare artists who do not stop at just creating different and varied forms of music. She is also the author of an art book called Capital Art: On the Culture of Punishment, and the book “A Beer On Every Page”. Check out her music on MySpace, and go to her website, Be sure to get her new cd, Somewhere Gone, which will be out October 2009. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised by the variety of excellent songs that Exene Cervenka has to offer.

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