“I Wanna Be Bad” by Naomi Elizabeth, electronica (?) review

Congrats, baby

1-song demo

Review by Harry Geezer

This has got to be the single most horrible track of music I have ever been required to review. Everything about “I Wanna Be Bad” by Naomi Elizabeth sucked: from its off-key vocals singing of these pathetic lyrics a retard could pen, to the sappy Chinatown plink-machine backing that had projectile vomit squirting out my ears. She wants to be bad, she says. Yay, success!

The sexy retro-art-trash images on the myspace page might pull you in, like it did with me. Just be prepared for the disappointing bait-and-switch. There’s really not much to see here and much less to listen to. This is a poorman’s Britney Spears, minus the dancing and any and all singing talent.

Thankfully it was the only song on this disc. Oh wait, there was a second CD in the package. Gah!

Below, images from myspace.com/naomielizabet on 7/10/09.

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