band review: METRIC

Metric, Featuring Emily Haines

review by Tim Fennell

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I see HUGE commercial success for this group of musicians, and I am encouraging every person reading this to go to after you finish reading this review. I like it, I like it a lot, and out of all of the 15 tracks I’ve just listened to, quite a few of them repeatedly, I am realizing that Metric has figured out and designed formulas of writing music that not only takes your breath away, but also leaves you pissed at the world, and happy to be alive all within the same hour or so that it takes to listen to their catalog of music that is posted on myspace. They have written and recorded stories of your life, cleverly.

The single “Help I’m Alive” might sound familiar to you as I notice it has over two-million plays, which I’m not surprised about because its a cool, cool, song. It’s sonic, it’s chilling. The bridge of the song has a dismal monotone passage that sets up the chorus brilliantly, and screams radio hit. This song leaves me grinning at the thought of Metric getting into a bar brawl with Flyleaf and Paramore, and Metric tossing them around like rag dolls. “Satellite Mind” proves to me that “Metric” is a super group of musicians, who possess stellar minds for experimentation in merging electronic with straight up rock ‘n roll. “Gold Guns and Girls” is making me wear out my repeat button. Its addictive. The lyrics of the chorus ask “Is it ever gonna be enough?” – and the answer is no, not right now. I think I need to hear it about 10 more times. But thanks for asking. I especially love the chorus of the very next track, “Gimme Shelter” that also asks you “who would you rather be, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?” Great question isn’t it? I dig this band, I think fans of Bjork, Faithless, and DJ Shadow would especially enjoy Metric as well.

Metric’s music has feel, it has atmosphere, there is a groove, and did I also mention that Metric is fronted by the insanely talented Emily Haines? Folks might know her from some of her other projects that include Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton, and also Broken Social Scene. Emily is no stranger to success and the spotlight; she is the daughter of Canadian poet Paul Haines and sister of Canadian television journalist Avery Haines. Her brother Tim Haines is the owner of Bluestreak Records of Ontario, Canada. I strongly urge listeners to plug into the music of Metric and other projects featuring Emily Haines. It’s good. It’s really good. If you have come here to find about unique bands and truly great music, go to, and pay attention to upcoming printed issues of Reviewer Magazine and to hear and see more of this ridiculously talented group of artists.


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