The Grams and Chuck Schiele

Chuck Schiele of The Grams

Winners of the 2006 & 2007 San Diego Music Awards

Reviewed by Dr. Yobb

This is one guy who makes me proud to be living in San Diego. Chuck Schiele’s music reminds me of how good music used to sound, greats like Dire Straits would be big fans of Chuck Schiele. His music is textural and atmospheric while still being catchy and enjoyable. The use of violins and slow melodies brings an air of relaxation, while still rocking out. His accomplishments throughout his career are a real inspiration and sign of the many possibilities available to those who work hard in San Diego.

Hailing from Ocean Beach, Chuck has been a huge part in bring local music into the spotlight. With Beach Music Mafia, Chuck’s own promotion and event organization group, he has helped to bring into focus the wealth of talent within San Diego. Chuck also opened his own full service recording studio in 2005, Studiob-92107 and continues to be a leader and inspiration to musicians and fans alike. His now defunct band The Grams were winners of the 2006 & 2007 San Diego Music Awards. Their sound is a mix of genre bending blues, soul, funk, flamenco and rock that really just makes me want to dance! They are a group of great musicians, with signs of their talent pouring through the sounds. I’m really glad I found their music and am looking forward to hearing more things from Chuck Schiele. If you’re in town be sure to look him up and be sure to see him live!

Below: a photo of Check Schiele, from somewhere on the interweb.

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  1. My partner Coco and I heard Chuck and the Grams and flipped. We drove 3,000 miles to record our last record in Chuck’s funky, high-tech but low pressure relaxed studio and the CD is being played on over 110 stations. We love it, we love his music, we love San Diego.

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