Reviewer Choice: Emily Haines

Emily Haines of Metric

Review by Joyce Damaged
Photos of Emily Haines by Reviewer Rob

Good-morning/evening lost and found souls of this planet we call Earth. My name is Joyce and I have been given the task of writing a review of talented writers, artists, and musicians alike. This week’s topic will be focused on MUSICIANS.

Emily is the daughter of Canada’s late poet and Jazz lyricist Paul Haines, who passed away in January of 2003, according to his bio on Wikipedia. He was best known for his collaboration with Carla Bley on Escalator Over The Hill.

Emily Haines is an amazingly talented musician with a perfectly angelic singing voice who has been getting a lot of airplay for some time on San Diego’s FM radio station 94.9 with “Monster Hospital” and now with “Help I’m Alive.” She was born in 1974 in New Delhi, India, and raised in Canada. You can grab tracks from her band Metric at I had the pleasure of listening to her song, “Twilight Galaxy” among many others on her page. I give her 5 Daggers (stars are so over rated! 5 Daggers is the same as 5 Stars). I highly suggest you swing by her page and give her music a listen and add it to your play list, if not then may the Egyptian Plagues be swift and merciful on your soul! I also highly suggest you check out her father’s (posthumously maintained) page on Myspace and show the family some respect at Emily’s song “Twilight Galaxy” had a groovy uplifting beat that I am sure you will love, but don’t stop there, listen to the rest.

Watch Emily Haines. Watch her closely in 2009.

Metric’s website:

This is Joyce Damaged signing off and saying, “If the bed bugs bite, don’t fret, bite back!”

Below: Emily Haines on stage with her band METRIC at the Casbah in San Diego, and above-left outside after her set, photographed by Reviewer Rob, possibly sometime in 2003.

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