CD review: White Bamboo

Clare Means White Bamboo

CD review by Tim Fennell

White Bamboo starts off with “New York Night” and immediately pulls my attention towards the speakers. The song’s title is very fitting as I can see the New York skyline in my mind and feel the presence of an old smokey bar room, and its the sweet raspiness of her breathy voice that puts me there. In song number two Clare is telling us stories, and we are hearing them. Fast forward to the albums title track, “White Bamboo” and I’m looking forward to listening to this again as I drive down the coast highway on a Sunday afternoon. This recording is top notch and the musicianship on the record is more than professional and you will hear an array of acoustic guitars, piano, violins, and even mandolins contributing to this piece of art. Clare Means’ White Bamboo is an excellent soundtrack to a warm sunset and pairs quite nicely with an afternoon cup of coffee. There are also some gloomy rainy day moments on the disc, as we are reminded through song of heartbreak and failed devotion, which to me shows this artist’s sense of diversity. Check her out at She’s worth it!


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