art bio with pictures

Suria Kassimi


Art historian M. A.


1975 – 1980 HdK Berlin
1981 – 1986 Ruhr University of Bochum (Philosophy, Archeology, Art history, Roman languages and literature, Political science and Sociology)
1986 – 1989 Italy: Facoltà di Architettura Florence Università degli Studi di Bologna; div. Gallery practical courses in Rome and Bologna
1989 – 1993 motherhood
1998 reaching of the Masters degree

Relevant work experience

1979 – 1987 artshows
1981 – 1986 workshops, organization of readings and discussions concerning art and politics
1984 – today studio conversations with Gerhard Richter, Martin Kippenberger, Jörg Immendorff, Bill Viola, Mischa Kuball and other; publishes partially in Nike, Apex and type forum.
1993 – today scientific cooperate on different museums in NRW ,various publication can be found on the Internet under as well as in Neusser annual and media publications.
2003 initiate the project “school and museum” in Mülheim/Ruhr
2003 – today teaching art and history of art, various workshop-projects
2004 development of different educational offers for the ASG (education section of the Catholic church) in Dusseldorf,
2005 – today development and realization of special educational offers for the section of cultural development in Cologne;
artshow project with works of the Nazarener printed graphic arts out of the collection Dr. Manfred Becker-Huberti. ( press officer of the cardinal)
2007 art books for beginners: German expressionisms collection supply NRW (in work)
expanse work experience 2002 – today music –theater and art criticism WAZ (West German general newspaper)

Artistic work

I seek to place the picture object in the unclear, in order let especially clearly step forward the moment of the fleeting, the already passed. The actual subject decomposes therefore into bright and dark areas and lines. Tangible, immaterial phenomena do not serve as a formation element in the construction of a new room. In the midpoint, the representation of light, room and time stands. The documentation of the existence is replaced by the description of the subjective perception of time and room and the energy of the light. To such an extent the idea and the movement of light becomes as a visual definition of time obvious.

Explored the entire bandwidth of the possibilities becomes of color and color effect, of areas and area effect, of expression and expression effect. I search for formulations, that commute between abstraction and Figuration. So the color plays a role not only as a koloristischer value, but rather the represented translates in its respective appearance forms or however solves itself as a picturesque intrinsic value of the object off in order to realize itself in the picture as a picture. Also here the picture object in the unclear is placed.

Film and Performance:
Perception functions as a dynamic process and permanent sequence of sensations, which constant information is lower puts. Against the background of the artistic contradiction between the objective-ness and the Substitutscharakter for another object, the decision falls out in favor of the reality of the picture, that is subject to artistically verifiable conditions,. To such an extent scenic panoramas that produce a variable optical structure emerge. Suggested movements run at the same time to the artifiziellen construct in the sense of an autonomous picture establishment.

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