Jumping Turtle venue availability

From SupaJen at http://www.myspace.com/roots_rock_jen

What’s up? I was wondering if you would be interested in playing at my venue…. Any of these show dates are avail.

@ The Jumping Turtle

Wednesday February 11th-
Thursday March 12th-
Sunday March 15th-
Tuesday March 17th-
Thursday March 26th-
Wednesday April 15th-
Monday April 20th…yeah!
Sunday May 3rd…MY BIRTHDAY (26) wooh!- The Ghost Orchid

If you are a local band and would like to contact me for bookings e-mail me at Jennniferleas@juno.com and if you are a touring band that will be in the area on any of these dates please do the same if not pass the info to your booking manager. THANK YOU!
peace love and supajen!

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