Cold War Kids CD review: Loyalty to Loyalty

New CD Review

by Jesse Lee Hofbauer

Cold War Kids

Loyalty to Loyalty

These days it is not very often that you stumble across a band that has a fresh and original sound, and more importantly, some mystery behind said sound. On Loyalty to Loyalty, the sophomore effort from Cold War Kids, released on Downtown Records, the band builds on their stripped down version of mucky rock and roll; continuing their mysterious path through reverb drenched guitars, quirky percussions, and a niche for off beat soul ballads with topics ranging from suicide (‘Golden Gate Jumpers’), to heartbreak (‘Everyman I fall For). “They don’t want poets/ they want pigeons on a stool”, croons vocalist Nathan Willett on ‘Welcome to the Occupation’, could be a stab at the many bloggers that once claimed Willetts previous lyrical efforts were ‘nonsense ramblings’. The band finds themselves sounding bigger and at their best on the tracks ‘I’ve Seen Enough’, and ‘Something Is Not Right with Me’. Buy this record now!

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