The Red Album of Asbury Park book review

[Book Review]

The Red Album of Asbury Park

by Alex Austin
273 Pages

book review by Hailey Van Meeter

It’s the late sixties and rock n roll is in full swing. Hendrix and the Beatles rule the charts while everyone just tries to enjoy the true meaning of music. Sam Nesbitt is a young veteran who returns to Asbury in hopes of starting his life over with a fresh start in a familiar town. He ends up flat broke, homeless and has nothing but heavy bags and a slight dysfunction that makes him approachable. A relaxing mission to re-carve some initials into an old carnival ride throws him into a frenzy as he hears men’s voices discuss New Jersey and a little bit of murder. With a shock to his system, Sam must realize that home isn’t what it used to be in this intriguing book that has a wide range of characters, intense issues and the struggle between doing what’s right and what’s safe.

I’m not much of a reader but I didn’t want to put down The Red Album of Asbury Park. Each chapter provided more insight into a main character who likes to mind his own business but can’t seem to when the word, “murder” is thrown around on deserted docks. Maybe it’s the heroic side of Sam that author, Alex Austin displays in such an honest light or the reminder that we all get caught up in suspicious situations that’s so addicting about this book. Whatever the appeal of the book is, you’ll enjoy the mix of action and small-town life spread throughout 270 odd pages of genius.


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