Steve West, 91X dj, local legend

Steve West from 91X radio at Dramarama 8/14/08

This video begins with John Easdale of Dramarama writing up a set list for his band just before going on stage. Steve West appears shortly afterwards and is interviewed. Steve West has been a radio personality at 91X radio station in San Diego for 25 years, since 1983, when 91X was being broadcast from south of the border in Tijuana and it was the first and only alternative radio station in town. There was a Wall Of Voodoo song back then that Stan Ridgeway used to sing called “Mexician Radio”… Remember that? Well, that was 91X.

In this video Steve talks about the chilling effect of the FCC censors, getting busted for drugs at the border and makes a public service announcement about prostate cancer, which he has been treated for. He even shows off his surgical scar for the camera…

Video shot by Reviewer Rob

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