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Hugh Gaskins and the G String Daddies

With the soul of a bluesman, Hugh Gaskins has drawn from a lifetime of varied influences and embraced a diversity of genres in his own music, an “American fusion” of sorts. An eclectic tapestry of blues, rockabilly, rock, country, cowboy blues – call it what you want – you’ll hear a little of it all… and it goes down like aged whiskey – with more than just a little kick.

“It happens whether you want it to or not, chosen or unchosen, and it’s the best thing this country does – a fusion of diverse cultures. Like it or not, it goes on and is most obvious in the music: jazz, blues, gospel, cajun, zydeco, Tex-Mex, bluegrass, C&W, rockabilly, and an endless list of others with a common thread running through them all. Along these lines, nothing represents this idea better than the sight and sound of a young Elvis. I say young because that’s when the black and the white of the man was still good and confused, mixed up in a way that could make you whole.”

Hugh has been a part of the San Diego music scene since the seventies as both a busy solo performer and in bands such as Street Noise and Santa Fe Blues Line. In early 2006, Hugh joined forces with bass man Charlie Gordon and drummer Dan Renwick to form The Hugh Gaskins Band, later to be renamed the G String Daddies.

Gordon’s jazz sensibilities and Renwick’s rock background bleed into the Gaskins mix to produce a tight, crisp sound, but with a feel and musicality that moves and breathes. They cover a broad cut of the musical spectrum, and though they do a lot of Gaskins originals, no one is safe from having their work covered with the GSD stamp firmly affixed. From Johnny Cash to Jimmy Reed, Robert Johnson to Grand Funk Railroad, Elvis to Alvin Lee and a whole bunch in between, the band coalesces around the essence of a song, but takes it on a little ride to a different part of town…

Thornton’s Irish Pub – 5/9, 5/23, 6/6, 6/20, 7/11, 7/25
Fannie’s Nightclub – 6/13, 6/27


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