Mika Miko

Video and photo by Reviewer Rob

Last weekend I was at The Whistle Stop and one of the bands was Mika Miko, a girl band from LA. If you’re as obsessed with easy access to information as I am then you’re an avid user of Wikipedia.org. So I was really pleased to find Mika Miko’s listing there to be brief yet complete. I’ve reprinted it below, and below that is a link to the video of a song from their high energy posted set on youtube.com/reviewer. ~RR

Mika Miko is an underground youth punk/noise band formed in 2003 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.. [1] In 2004 they gained local popularity for their frenetic live performances which emulate being at a party and often take place at parties. Featuring Victor Fandgore (Jennifer Clavin), Jet Blanca (Jenna Thornhill), Michelle Suarez, Jessica Clavin, and Jon Erik Edrosa, the original line up of the band made its first demo CD-R, its first 7″ record, and toured the West Coast extensively before replacing their original drummer with Kate Hall and embarking on their first national tour in the Summer of 2005. Also in 2005 they were featured on two compilations released by Los Angeles-based record labels, produced their first two self-released cassettes, and two members of the band appeared on the Hawnay Troof EP Community.

Their first full-length album was co-released by Post Present Medium and Kill Rock Stars in the Summer of 2006. A second pressing on vinyl was later released by Sweden based label Deleted Art. In August of 2006 the band graced the cover of Maximum Rocknroll which within contained an interview and photoshoot by Vice Cooler. In July of 2006 they were featured in ANP Quarterly. Members of the band appeared in the film 40 Bands/80 Minutes! released in 2006. The band was featured in the Static section of Punk Planet’s 76th issue (November/December 2006). They often play at The Smell, an all-ages venue in Los Angeles, where they are also volunteers.

Mika Miko’s vocalist used a rotary-style telephone handset as a microphone. Here’s what it looked like before the band took the stage:

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