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Where Less Is More

The skinkini of Lindsay Lohan

Posted below is a photo of what we’re hoping is a new style in party fashion. Check out Lindsay Lohan at Jeremy Piven’s birthday party last year, working the rooms sporting a skinkini. What would have been really awesome would have been if it was see-through plastic instead of flesh colored fabric, but I guess one has to break these new trends on the plebes slowly. Or maybe it’s just the lack of absorbency with plastic would have felt uncomfortable on her juicy little coochie, who knows?

But after seeing all those shaved vag paprazzi shots of Miss Lohan in 2007 it’s easy to forget that she’s really no slouch in the face and boobs department. Head to heel, this is one hot titty momma. On a lesser sex-object you could possibly deduct points for her toes and fingernail polish not matching or something. But really, is there anything at all wrong with this hottie with a body?

Good to see a photo showing up of her in a controlled environment between visits to rehab.