Ever needed a legitimate excuse to go surfing? Well, on June 21, you finally have it: International Surfing Day. Created by SURFING Magazine, this unofficial, official surfers’ holiday gives us a chance to promote and celebrate the sport while bringing awareness to the state of our oceans and beaches.

The goal is simple: take the day, or at least a part of the day, to go out, catch a wave or three and — while you’re at it — help clean up your favorite beach. In conjunction with the Surfrider Foundation, we’ll be organizing a handful of official beach cleanups, but that doesn’t stop you from beautifying your own stretch of sand.

In the meantime, we hope to document this day of Universal Stoke as thoroughly as possible. Not only will we be assigning key regions around the globe to our team of expert photographers, we’re depending on YOU to show us how it all went down in your backyard. So, be sure to email us your highlights — both in words and photos — from International Surfing Day.

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