Zzyzx movie review

Zzyzx movie review by Jaime Dunkle Lou (Kenny Johnson, The Shield), a deranged Gulf War brute, drags his whiny wingman, Ryan, through the Mojave Desert on a wild trip to Vegas. On the way there, Lou pulls off the freeway at the infamous Zzyxz Road exit. Ryan (Ryan Fox) insists the road changes people, while Lou delves deeper into his […]

A Northern Chorus and The Twilight Sad @ The Casbah, 4-17-2007

A Northern Chorus and The Twilight Sad @ The Casbah, 4-17-2007 show review and pics by Natalie Kardos I first heard of the Scottish band The Twilight Sad way back in November, when an EP they had recorded made an impression on the ears of a reviewer with musical tastes similar to mine. I picked up a copy of their […]

Ted Leo at Epicanter

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists @ The Epicenter, 4/10/2007 story and pics by Natalie Kardos Goaded by Pitchfork’s claim that “no rock band currently touring puts on a better live show than the Pharmacists,” I decided to brave the journey up to Mira Mesa and the first all-ages venue that I’ve been inside of since last July. This being my […]

Tax Day blues

Did you get your taxes done today? Below, as you can see, the nice girls at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, Deja Vu, on Midway Drive offer relief to those seeking an extension. 🙂