Spin Records ad

Spin Records, used and new records and CDs. Located at 370 Grand Avenue, Carlsbad, 760-434-0807.


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  1. I knew a little bit about his reputation before meeting him. In person he seemed like likeable, albeit unconcerned with whether or not people supported his views, at least not caring if people agreed with them before he made them known.

  2. Yeah, I got that vibe off him, too. He did not give a fuck. I loved that.

    He was very accessible as an interview; however, I don’t have a tape of it. It was in 2003, leading up to the war, I wanted to know what he thought of the timing and strategy. (He said it made no sense.) After that he went with Fox so, although I wasn’t explicitly discouraged from interviewing him again, I wasn’t encouraged to do so either.

    Yeah that was back when I was big time network anchor girl. Back in the day!

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