story by Cynthia Gross
photos by Jean-Pierre D’Zahr

Gary Hoey and his band performed at Canes in San Diego, on Friday, June 16. Gary is truly a talented and passionate guitar virtuoso, one of the all time greatest guitar players around. His clever way to play and his great presence on stage kept the crowd in Ah! What a great Artist and entertainer! It was really an amazing and excellent concert, CONGRATULATION to Gary and to his musicians!!!!

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The show was almost 2 hours long from the beginning to the end, and if I have to use one word to describe it, I’d say: AWESOME. From Jimi Hendrix to Led Zeppelin songs finely re-arranged by Gary to his personal compositions and of course a few brand-new songs, everything was incredible and fascinating. Yes, it was like a trip to a beautiful and harmonious place. The crowd (people ranging from 20 to 60 years old) were dancing and jumping and greatly appreciated his voice since he sang only a few songs.

His musicians, Erik (bass), Matt (drums), and Gary brought down the house being the 3rd act at Canes. What a big memorable show! A great rock and hard rocking concert with style and good humor entertained the crowd!

You could feel the magic sounds coming out of his body, through his fingers to finally arrive on the cords of his electric guitar. Many audience members were as close as one foot away from Gary as he showed his incredible moves with his different electric guitars. He played so hot his picks kept melting in half and tossing them to the crowd. I liked the little bass/guitar “fight,” where Gary and Erik played each in turn dosed with power and passion, and finally both played together. It was a funny moment.

Gary Hoey is currently in the studio recording his new album titled
“American Made” which will be released in August 2006. Hoey’s next concert in San Diego is at SDSU’s Open Air Theatre, “Democracy Fest” Saturday July 15th
7:00 P.M.

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Photos copyright 2006 by Jean-Pierre D’Zahr, used here by permission. Click images for D’Zahr’s website.

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