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Gary Numan, II

Tony (thank you) sent me The Pleasure Principle and Pure. I am very disappointed over what listening to Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson did to Gary Numan. Those two bands SUCK. They are the two worst bands in the whole world! Celine Dion would have been a preferable influence for what to change himself into in 2006. She’s more similar to classic Gary Numan than that hoarse pair, anyway. I’ll take a nasal, clipped whine over a whisper any day. Why whisper? I can’t hear you! And why fuzzy instruments? I can’t hear them! Celine, though her voice is a perfect machine. I’ve been writing about Celine Dion for seven years now. My relationship with musicians lasts longer when I don’t sleep with them. I think it’s strange that I have, with the exception of when I was 15 and desperate, ONLY been with musicians. I’m not proud of it. I don’t appreciate such rigidity. What is the appeal? They love the world but don’t know how. They need a shield between themselves and everything, but sneak their emissary out for a night. That’s what music is. And me, I think an emissary is about all I could take. The full human would probably burn my eyes out. I am a delicate creature. I’m going to see Gary Numan in New York on 7 August! Even though some of the new stuff is annoying, I think it will be great live. I just can’t get enough of hollered “hey bitch!” followed by religious concern. “I’m praying! for! your! soul!” Thank you. I can’t help but feel that Gary Numan would be so much happier if he were to walk on the beach or in a forest once in a while. How do I know he doesn’t? Just listen to the guy! LOOK at him!

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