The Evangenitals in The Gaslamp with Rev. Dr. Juli Crockett Feldman

Doctor Juli at Frauds And Swindlers, Downtown San Diego Tweet Juli Crockett of The Evangenitals at Frauds And Swindlers, 820 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, 8-10-13. Photo by Rob Rowsey for Reviewer. It’s been about three years since I’ve seen Juli play or spoken to her really. I did some print coverage of her band, The Evangenitals, in Reviewer Magazine back […]

Meet Matt Strachota, Y’alt-Country Rocker, Anti-Statist

[Interview] Matthew Strachota: “I’m An Anarchist!” Tweet Printed below is a Q&A taken from an IM exchange conducted recently via Facebook with Matt Strachota, formerly of Bartender’s Bible, a now split-up Americana y’alt-punk band in San Diego. His new band is Trailduster, also in the olde-timey Americana genre. They played in early July at The Black Cat bar in City […]