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Electricity For Dreams, by Junk Parlor.
Electricity For Dreams, by Junk Parlor.

8 tracks, martial marching tunes for the accordian and klezmer crowd. Maybe there is some klenzmer here, I don’t know. Just seems to fit into that genre since there’s a strong eastern European spirit echoing through this music which I noticed immediately long before reading in the press release that singer Jason Vanderford’s great grandparents immigrated from Hungary. Track two is called “Dance With Me Bela Lugosi” and is said to be inspired by his grandmother dancing with Lugosi on two occasions in the 1940’s. Despite the reference to the goth scene icon this cd is anything but dark and brooding; in fact it tries hard to be peppy and upbeat, in a way perhaps impoverished villagers were used to being bravely facing their hardship in the 1800’s. If there’s references to sex here also like it says in the press release then they must have floated right past me after a couple of listens. Find this band at junkparlor dot com.

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