interview with Allison Andrews of Fashion Week San Diego

Fashion Week SD’s Allison Andrews in a Reviewer TV interview What follows is the transcript for a nearly one-hour sit down between Allison Andrews and Robert Rowsey of Reviewer TV. Some parts were data-entried as “Unintelligible” but you can check the actual video for clarity (it’s 55:41) HERE or where it’s embedded at the bottom of the post. You’ve never […]

new music: Electricity For Dreams, from Junk Parlor

[New Music] CD REVIEW: JUNK PARLOR, ELECTRICITY FOR DREAMS covered by Reviewer Rob 8 tracks, martial marching tunes for the accordian and klezmer crowd. Maybe there is some klenzmer here, I don’t know. Just seems to fit into that genre since there’s a strong eastern European spirit echoing through this music which I noticed immediately long before reading in the […]


[Memento mori?] Why Halloween Is So Fun Remember, one day you won’t be able to do this. Although Halloween today appears more of a holiday for kids young and old it had a very practical reason for existing in ancient times. None the least being that it is a reminder that you’re still alive and able to party and not […]

Artist Zak Smith, aka porn guy Zak Sabbath, talks with Reviewer TV

[Verbatim] AEE 2018 The Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas Author, painter, and some-time adult performer, Zak Smith talks shop in Las Vegas. video interview by Reviewer Rob [I think this is an accurate transcript. Our data-entry girl practically went cross-eyed typing this 40-minute video’s dialog so if she missed anything or entered it wrong please let us know. For […]