movie review: SNOWDEN

[current events] In SNOWDEN Director Oliver Stone returns with pop culture intrigue reviewed by Reviewer Rob In Oliver Stone’s movie SNOWDEN it’s implied his lead character had co-conspirators in the NSA. This is unfair to the viewer because although the screenplay was a work of fiction the real Snowden was emphatic that he alone should have the target on his […]

antique gear: the Zeiss Ikon Contaflex

[Collectibles] IG post: my new old camera outdated cameras are only one of my obsessions by Reviewer Rob originally from an Instagram post here Newly acquired: an early Model Contaflex from the German company Zeiss Icon. Looks like the fixed lens version they came out with in the beginning before interchangeable lenses were included. It’s attractive and serviceable in working […]

photolog: Meegan’s Ink

[Skin Art] Meegan Had Some Sweet New Tattoos Talking ink: Low Gallery in Barrio Logan at a mid-summer show during ComicCon by Reviewer Rob I had both my Nikons hanging on my neck this night with the goal of playing around with their capabilities. The D5200 and D5300 were set on their fastest ISOs for a shoot at Meegan’s art […]