Playboy Goes Over-The-Counter

Playboy Made America Safe For Adult Entertainment.

by Reviewer Rob

Someone said last week on the radio that when Hugh Hefner started Playboy all those decades ago he probably couldn’t foresee a day when the public would grow tired of seeing pictures of naked ladies. I have mixed feeling after reading yesterday that Playboy would discontinue running nude photos. First, I wonder who the last Playmate will be. And also there is the sense that they sort of gave up the fight for free speech in favor of commercially. But then I think, oh grow up. Playboy has top notch journalism and entertainment reporting in it too.

When Hefner started out in the publishing business in the 1950’s it was a minefield. Society slammed him for almost thirty years before the revolution of the sixties and seventies had the world accepting what was natural and healthy in human relationships. Hefner was at the forefront of that battle.

Maybe another way of looking at it is like this. Hefner was like a doctor who moved to a small town where everyone was sick, and he did such a good job everyone became well. So he could no longer make any money.

In Hugh Hefner’s case though I’m sure he’s got enough in the bank to now enter into a comfortable retirement.

Hugh Hefner says no more nudes.
Hugh Hefner says no more nudes.

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