the “powerful precision” Braun Series 7 beard trimmer

It's probably mostly hair.
It’s probably mostly hair.

Hair Theater

by Reviewer Rob

Weighing myself the other night at the gym I see I’m tipping the scales now at about 177 in a t-shirt, longshorts and sneakers. It’s more than I’ve ever weighed. But the thing is I don’t THINK that I look fat. Do I? It’s probably mostly hair.

Today I went to an upscale men’s grooming supplies store called The Art Of Shaving down at the University Town Center mall in San Diego because the cheap electric clippers I bought at Target stopped working but were also way too loud in the first place, and the Tommy Hilfiger model working there suggested this “powerful precision” Braun Series 7 beard trimmer due to my “particular thickness of beard.” I didn’t tell him I wanted to mow my body hair down to porn industry standards too but I guess that just kind of goes without saying in this day and age. Set me back about $63 but it’s so quiet and stylish-looking it seems worth it. Get what you pay for, I hope. I’m like part Wookie or perhaps had an ancestor that was a hairy troll so this shaver better be able to stand up to the job.

Hair theater.
Hair theater.

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