Suckdog: A Ruckus (a new batch with personalized artwork) is here!

Looks Like Our Storefront Is On The Way Reviewer Magazine picked up a fresh shipment of SUCKDOG: A RUCKUS by author Lisa Carver and the copies have all been boldly signed on the title pages with an actual personalized drawing for each. They are currently available on Amazon but acquiring a direct link to the item is proving difficult so […]

Suckdog A Ruckus by Lisa Carver

[Printed Matter] Suckdog: A Ruckus an autobiographical look back through this new book from Lisa Carver by Reviewer Rob I’ve always liked career retrospectives. There’s something cathartic in a vicarious sense with experiencing an artist’s life work retrospective. Greatest hits CDs, autobiographies, documentary videos about someone at the end of a long and satisfying career — I like it when […]