The Hand Of Glory

[Occult] The Hand Of Glory at California Institute Of Abnormalarts by Reviewer Rob A Hand of Glory was a tool used by malefactors in the criminal underworld of yesteryear. Think of it like a kind of supernatural roofie used by burglars and other such nefarious bad actors. Taken from the corpse of a hanged man, the hand was dried, pickled […]

Marijuana Meme: Harry Anslinger, Legalize The Leaf and stop the pot race war

Marijuana Meme: Harry Anslinger Legalize The Leaf and stop the pot race war Editorial by Bob Yunger Harry Anslinger was the first head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, retiring at age 70 during Kennedy‚Äôs term. He died at 83 in his hometown of Altoona, Pennsylvania in 1973, completely blind and suffering from angina. The exact words may be disputed, if […]