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More Fiction Than Fact: THE REVENANT

movie review: THE REVENANT

by Reviewer Rob

So I saw The Revenant tonight. I had to go to a later show than I’d planned on because when I got there for the 7:15 p.m. show at AMC Fashion Valley it was sold out. This movie is going to gross high.

And speaking of gross: it’s a doozy that tried to be real a gut buster. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu did a yeoman’s job to get a viseral reaction from the audience with everything from bloody fight scenes and animals being slaughtered, to a castration and a horse disembowelment. Cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki was exceptional in its use of natural light. It added beauty while the action was high and carried the film well. But in the end the story by Michael Punke was lacking. I was tempted to leave at one point but realized I hadn’t yet caught the scene where DiCaprio rides a horse off a cliff, made famous by the Youtube commercials. So I stuck around till the end.

The Revenant was ‘inspired’ by the true story of mountainman Hugh Glass but strayed so many times in so basic a sense as to be a ripoff of history. Then, seriously, it ended with a long closeup of DiCaprio’s face after he hobbles up one last hill, only to see the ghost of his woman walk away.

This movie would have been a lot more entertaining were it an artfully done reenactment of the real story of Hugh Glass with a big name star. There was no lack of drama there.

The Revenant, movie review by Reviewer Rob.

The Revenant, movie review by Reviewer Rob.

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