new video/dvd review: We Must Remain the Wildhearted Outsiders


The SUPERCULT Founder At Last Emerges From Hiding With WMRTWO

We Must Remain the Wildhearted Outsiders, by writer/photographer/director Chase Lisbon of Supercult

review by Aram French

We Must Remain the Wildhearted Outsiders (WMRTWO) is unlike any movie you have ever seen. Writer/Director Chase Lisbon has crafted a surreal dreamworld so visually and emotionally layered it practically demands repeat viewings. Centered around the girls of the Monolake “mail-order erotic photos and videos” business, the plot is as impressionistic as the visuals. More a series of vignettes than anything resembling a standard storyline, it is densely crafted, analog, minimalist, unsettling, oppressive, beautiful, sad, and above all else, raw.

Lisbon is the reclusive mastermind behind the seminal, founded in 2001 it was “alt-porn” before that term had even been coined. Miles apart from the anonymous bodies for hire of LA and predating the parade of short-lived copycats that would follow, Supercult has remained a group of friends doing what they love. Art not moneyshots. Art not money. Independent as fuck.

Nearly every frame of WMRTWO feels like something found. More specifically, something hidden, that wasn’t meant to be found. Something you’re not supposed to be watching. You won’t just see the girl in the bathtub, or the couple rolling around in their bed, you’ll see the tripod in the corner too. The other girl snapping Polaroids. The Bible Belt public television on in the background. The love letters. The clients. All of it unfolding in a slow-motion Kubrickian chrysalis of VHS scan lines and hypnotic droning music.

Voyeuristic? Definitely. Erotic? Perhaps. An experience like none other? Without a doubt. And one I’d recommend wholeheartedly.


We Must Remain the Wildhearted Outsiders – Trailer 1 from WMRTWO on Vimeo.

From the WMRTWO “Info/About Us” page:

“Do you ever wonder how ivy can get into a brick wall and split it apart? Just one cell at a time it grows in darkness without the bricks ever suspecting a thing and then one day there’s a crack in the foundation…I can’t remember the first time we kissed or the last.”


SYNOPSIS : In an attempt to escape their downtrodden existence in the Bible Belt of America, two young girls in love begin a business selling mail-order erotic photos and videos. Tragically, the nature of their work brings them down a path of darkness and self-destruction of which they fight to escape.

Written, directed and Edited by CHASE LISBON
Executive Producers : Eric Unold, Amanda Pemberton and Chase Lisbon

Music by Wes Willenbring, Saåad, Expo ‘70, Chase Lisbon, Black Unicorn, Ben Frost, Alison Doyle, Loops Of Your Heart, Uruk-Hai, The Euphoric Hum, Thee Oh Sees!, Joe Kosier, PRMS, Dave Gutt, Pigeon Mort, and Jesse Apollo

Featuring Apneatic, Lauren WK, Mosh, Lady Days, Ryonen, Dakota, Alysha Kay, Ivy Zehring, Holli Streetman, Rachel Jean, Mexico, Vaunt, Nettie Harris, Virginia Mae, Mrog, and Esiuol Haras

Poster Art by Dan McPharlin
Additional Art by Daniel Albrigo

Wardrobe Styling by Purrfect Pineapples and Chase Lisbon

Special Thanks : Micah Valentinetti, Amanda Pemberton, Dennis O’Neill, Mike Gill, Scott Evans, Jon Glessner, Abe Cadet, Erika Shuhlendler, Boris Changstein, Nathan Appel, Corwin Prescott, Mitch Cantu, Karen Wood, Arthur Kerins, Dave Dawson, Ronnie Smith, Sugarpill Cosmetics, and to all of our friends along the way.


[Editor’s Note: Last I heard, Chase Lisbon can be found these days living a kind of bohemian life in Baltimore where secretly he leads a large worldwide underground hipster gang of both male and female devotees that will do anything for him. In 2001, with his seminal paysite,, he became one of the internet’s earliest progenitors of non-LA/NYC-based artporn, and it shows. Lisbon’s art photography was from the start darkly surreal in a way that the well-lit mainstream adult entertainment industry never was able to imitate. His style is also decidedly non-hardcore. So look for a moody psychodrama art here, not a contemporary porn. He’s exposed himself to be a true long-suffering artist willing to sacrifice much for the advancement his craft. ~Reviewer Rob]

We Must Remain The Wildhearted Outsiders.
We Must Remain The Wildhearted Outsiders.

Production still from We Must Remain The Wildhearted Outsiders.
Production still from We Must Remain The Wildhearted Outsiders.

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