Short Film Review: Fetish


New short film on iTunes: Fetish

Fetish blends the Macabre with Humor, Sensuality and Spiritual Longing

By Kate Rossi Stuart

The short film, Fetish, combines Charles Casillo’s dark sense of humor with the sultry sensuality of Joan Collins to tell an artfully macabre story about the emptiness of fame and longing for immortality in death.

Collins, who won the best actress award at the New York City International film Festival for her part, as well as awards from The Beverly Hills Film and Television Film Festival, and the Visionary Short Film Award, plays an aging yet still beautiful movie star who struggles with drugs, alcohol and a sense that people — especially those who write about her in the Hollywood press – don’t understand her.

Casillo plays an eccentric Hollywood talk show host who, after interviewing Collins’ character, Francesca Vonn, lures her to his apartment under the guise of being interested in writing her biography.

The film begins to take on a surreal atmosphere, as Collins’ character gradually reveals her insecurities and the depths of her emptiness to the talk show host, Darius Russi, who becomes somewhat of a Confessor figure. She seems to be releasing her emotional burdens and takes on an almost childlike innocence at times. For his part, Casillo is like a magician, casting his spell on her little by little, disappearing and reappearing at times, surprising and delighting her, indulging his fetish.

A growing sense of danger seems to creep in as the story progresses, as Russi describes his youth, of being persecuted and misunderstood by his peers, and how it drove him deeper into the fantasy world of Hollywood.

As the film reaches its shocking climax, Vonn becomes the actor again and Russi the director. Like a Hitchcock thriller but with a whimsical twist, it’s an ending that will leave you spellbound.

A big hit on the film festival circuit when it was first released two years ago, Fetish has just become available on iTunes.


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