Other Than Arts (OTA) #1: Tattoos by Fix

By Katherine Sweetman

In this reoccurring blog column, I’d like to highlight things that are not typically considered “Art”. One might think, perhaps this means Dance, Fashion, Theater… but, no. More like Tattoo Arts, Martial Arts, Extreme Performance Arts. That’s more along the lines of what I had in mind. I can’t remember the last time I went to the theater, but I spent last night at a tattoo parlor, and I definitely remember the last amateur MMA fight that I attended.  So, here it is. OTHER THAN “ARTS” volume 1.

Tattoos by Fix

The Custom Tattoo Artist who goes by only “Fix” is unique, to me, because he blends together two of the examples above. Amateur Cage Fighting and Tattoo Arts. Actually, I met Fix before his debut as an Professional Cage Fighter, meaning it was the first time he was ever paid to get into a cage battle it out.

KS  Fix, How long have you been a tattoo artist?

FIX   5 years

KS  You have a very unique style it’s kind of a cross hatching looking style that you have. Do you have a name for it?

FIX   I would call it more of a modern cubism. I was first exposed to an artist named BUGS who started to tattoo in the method first and have always felt naturally drawn to this style.


Fix Flash

KS    What’s the strangest place you have tattooed someone?

FIX    by far the ear just a tight lil space to work in..

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever tattooed on someone?

FIX    It was probably a tattoo of Hitler getting a pineapple shoved up his ass.

KS   You draw, obviously, have you been drawing forever? Can you tell us some personal tale about when you started drawing or why you did?

Drawing has always been an outlet though painting is something VERY new to me. I will be learning some new mediums specifically water color. It will be the most intimidating format I am taking on yet. I’m starting painting now with water color.

Fix's style

KS   Where are you working and when can people come see you?

FIX    I am a custom tattoo artist and body piercer at TAT2 FIEND CUSTOM TATTOOS in north park SD People can find me here everyday but wed. or you can get a hold of me on either the shop website. tat2fiend.net or my website tattoosbyfix.com.  ALSO I want everyone to know that if you come see me for a tattoo or piercing there is no rock star attitude… just well informed kind service!!


Fix's style


new work

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