THIERRY TILLIER Interview by Anne Sophie

Thierry Tillier ( le futur du passe, 2007



Thierry Tillier is a Belgian artist living in Charleroi.

His technique is mostly Collage but also photography, etc…

His works are visual short-circuits with many meaning stratums ;

aesthetic and poetical flashes torn, cut and layed out into brocken puzzles.

The themes explored in his work are numerous and the understanding lies

in-between the choice, placement of ripped images and nothingness.

He answered a few questions on themes…





Thierry Tillier (((,,,2008




Langage & Collage as langage


                                     “I have nothing to say. Only to show”.       

 Walter Benjamin

“The Arcades Project” op. cit., p.476 







Thierry Tillier ((( night,
“A garden/labour on concepts like <far-away – close-by> ,
 <it’s here and there> ,
<the fence [of the delight gardens]>”


Thierry Tillier (((detail,,, (((2004 ,,,
History of Art and Religion as sources of inpiration
“It is more a work on heresies
(Bogomils, brothers and sisters of the Free Spirit,
 Gnostics sects, loists, etc,,,),
collective mesianism than on Religion ;
and History of art because it doesn’t exist,
 even if this isn’t true.”





Thierry Tillier ((( Zebra ,,, detail ,,, 2003






 Je serai fou de rien ,

Vampire de mon double !







Thierry Tillier (((, 2004




Memory and memories


“Future is an unreleased past”

“Ancient things are watching us. We are expected by them.”

Walter Benjamin






Thierry Tillier ( critique des armes flottantes





“That is our worst desease to speak and not to see”.

Rene Daumal.

in,  Black Poesie , White Poesie






777- UPcoming – An eXhibition





THIERRY TILLIER / L’amplique et le ciselant – featuring MALDO NOLLIMERG / Landscapes
March 27 – June 5, 2011
Exit11, Belgium


Thierry Tillier _______________(critique des armes flottantes


More of  Thierry Tillier’s work on his website and especially on Flickr

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