CD review: Git Some, from Alternative Tentacles

Review by Ty Clark

Git Some, on Alternative Tentacles
Git Some, on Alternative Tentacles
“From the ashes of Planes Mistaken For Stars comes Git Some! This is their 2nd record and their 1st with The Bat!”

When I put on this album I couldn’t help but feel a little hesitant about the content that laid before me but, sure enough, the album gets progressively better. The sound feels like stoner metal (i.e. Eye Hate God, High on Fire, ect.) meets thrashy punk. I am in absolute favor of this direction. I am completely into both genres. A lot of the drops were very good and pit worthy and I can totally see people looking for something new liking it. I also appreciate the not-so-overproduced feel. I personally think this is important when it comes to punk that punks listen to. My only real criticism is the vocals. The singer doesn’t have a bad voice, it just belongs in different music. A lot of times it fit, but, or lack of a better word, it was too ‘singy’. I would be listening to a song and starting to get into it and then BAM! the vocals. I feel this band has promise, but the vocalist needs to change his style a little and be rougher around the edges. More screaming, less singing. []

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