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Going totally cyber with Google Voice

Web-based Communications

… another Twitter success story …

By Reviewer Rob

Hey, check this out. You can call Reviewer Magazine on our new Google Voice number now. Google Voice, you might already know, is this free voicemail service Google has that sends calls to any number you want, cellphone or landline, and if you don’t answer the phone when people leave a voicemail Google records it AND they transcribe it into SMS TEXT or email. It’s something I first learned about while browsing the tweets on my Twitter account. So far I think it’s pretty awesome.

You also get big discounts when you use Google Voice to connect calls to international numbers, anywhere from 5 to 20 cents per-minute less than using a cellphone at Verizon’s “package” rates.

Another cool thing is they’ve got this awesome little widget that you can post on your blog/Facebook/Myspace/whatever that hides your phone number but still allows people to call you by clicking it, in case you want to be all secret confidential private number guy. I’m sure they’ll add other bells and whistles as they develop the application, but I’m waiting for Google to buy Skype so international calls can be totally without charge computer-to-computer.

Remember, you heard about it first here at Reviewer Magazine! 😉


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