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Digital Bliss Maven One-Ear Lear

Celeste Lear

Review by Tim Fennell

Celeste Lear… She spins, she’s hot, she spins trip hop and down tempo, did I mention she’s easy on the eye’s?… She’s pretty easy on the ears too. There are some really great grooves going on here and I feel like I’m being sucked into a trance like hole, my head involuntarily bumps back and forth as I listen. This is good music and on top of these clever grooves, Celeste knows when to throw in the hook, and her track “Catch the Sun” is a shining example of this. So often I hear recordings of electronica and think sarcastically, “Wow, I’ve never heard this before,” because it’s all so similar and… the same. Celeste Lear has the potential to be as well known in the industry as D.J. Shadow… yeah I said it, and she might even be holding a nice trump card, she sings her ass off, her track “Faithful to You” showcases her vocal ability, better yet, talent. There is some very interesting instrumentation and musicianship woven through the music and I commend the person responsible for laying the guitar tracks. If you picture the twilight sky just after the sunset, when the sky is painted in red blue orange and purple, that is what these guitars sound like. I recommend greatly you visit her myspace and treat yourself to the sounds I have not only listened to, but, experienced. Support this artist… She’s good, she’s really good.


[Editor’s note: check out her compilation with other female electronica artists, the CD Digital Bliss II,]

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