The Economics of Legal Weed

Cannabis Will Be Free testimonial from a formerly underground weed commerce worker reposted from Amanda Pemberton aka Apneatic (originally on her Instagram @apneatic) Yesterday was 4.20 🌬I was given this shirt in 2012 by a vendor when I worked at a dispensary for 3 weeks in Seattle. When Chase and I were making @wmrtwo we ran out of money from […]

New Year Weed Laws & California Cannabis News

[Repost] 2018 New Year Recreational Cannabis Guide “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FOR PEOPLE NEW TO CANNABIS” What’s the difference between cannabis, marijuana, flower and weed? Nothing! These words are interchangeable, but cannabis is the scientific term. Marijuana, flower, and weed are all used in a variety of conversational situations to refer to cannabis. Where can I smoke? Marijuana must be consumed […]

Feminist Cannabis Farming In Maine

This is Maine. The Dandy Sarah Farm by Sarah G. This is Maine. I am used to this scene. Here, there are the usual things you see at a cannabis gathering. Tables with vendors, glassy eyes, flat brims, glass art, and the haze. The air is a heavy heady blue from the expelled vapors of concentrated cannabis extracts and the […]