Issue 1 cover, Stephanie

[Archive] Cover Model Here’s the cover image of Reviewer Magazine #1, summer of 1996, premier issue, with Stephanie on the cover. I was planning on posting it in the previous entry but guess I didn’t just save it as a draft and tapped enter before I got around to it. AGFA black and white 25 speed film, a specialty German […]

Premier Issue Cover

[Colorization] Coffee Shop Salesgirl Turned Cover Model    

Art Musing

[Live Model] Another Day Another Girl Back in the mid-1990’s during my erstwhile would-be artists days, I avidly sought models to sit for live drawing sessions all the time. It was a good way to attempt to remain creative while at the same times socializing with the abundant natural resources in the beach communities where I lived filled with fun, […]

Issue 32 Reviewer cover colorization comparison

  Playing with Colorization I’m trying out the colorization feature on Photoshop again, second attempt. Seems pretty banal, I’ll need to find its dials and get into the tweaking of it. For this exercise I scanned a copy of issue 32 and then added color to the original black and white image I’d shot of a Che Cafe show, then […]