Arlo Guthrie’s timeless ALICE’S RESTAURANT

[Protest] Alice’s Restaurant Music Has Been A Way To Resist For A Long Time From The Atlantic: ‘The lyrics’ synopsis: On Thanksgiving 1965, Guthrie and some pals went to throw out garbage from the church where the titular Alice lived, but the dump was closed for the holiday. So he instead tossed the waste at an unsanctioned site, was caught […]

Photolog: Supermoon, 11-13-16

[Photolog] SUPERMOON! by Reviewer Rob This photo was shot about an hour and a half ago at 6:05 p.m., from a parking lot up on a hilltop overlooking a freeway in north metro San Diego. The area directly in front of me below the plane of the moon was relatively free of urban and streetlight pollution, although there were some […]

photolog: shooting jpeg vs. NEF

  Why I shoot NEF RAW, and other superfluously obvious information by Reviewer Rob I was in Portland last weekend to finish up distributing a few hundred copies of issue 50 that had the Bundy Militia story in it. Ammon Bundy was on the cover in an article where Sarah Glass Shafer met him briefly at the Malheur National Wildlife […]

My California General Election 2016 Voter Guide

I can’t wait till this ordeal is over. by Reviewer Rob So glad the November 8 mail-in voter deadline/day at the polls is finally tomorrow. Man it’s been a long year. By this time Wednesday we’ll have a good idea about how the next four years will go. And I’m not even going to wade into that mosh pit here […]