cd review: KNOW GOD, NO PEACE by Three Sixes

KNOW GOD, NO PEACE creative packaging.
KNOW GOD, NO PEACE creative packaging.
[Metal Review]

by Three Sixes

15 songs, with a secret unlisted hidden track #33. Highly packaged cd sleeve with a full color printed lyrics sheet. []

reviewed by Reviewer Rob

Lot’s of ultra aggressive, fast, crunching and grinding death-metal here. Shrieking guitars, thumping machinegun drums, hoarse/growling vocals and sound effects that include sirens (?) mingle with soul destroying anti-gosh lyrics. Damian has been at this for a long time. I began getting emails from him over ten years ago and started reviewing his stuff out of sunny Orange County back then so he is no dilettante to the dark side of the O.C. music scene. We talked before about stripper-types and nude models in the Huntington Beach area and I got the impression he could be like a part-time titty bar doorman/bouncer or something, but maybe that was just his menacing metal vibe coming out over the phone. Actually I didn’t ask so I have no idea what he does for a day job, or even if he has one. This style of music took a long time to get down, I’m certain, so he might have all the time in the world to perfect his evil kraft. Studiousness in the dark side shows in this highly polished and well-oiled machine of a CD. True metalheads, you won’t be disappointed here. One can feel the scary light show and explosions of fire on stage as it plays. There’s a dtuiful AC/DC cover here too, done in dragged-out screamy precision in track 10’s “Thunderstruck”. The CD came packaged in a large anti-bible mock-up, reinforcing the recurring message in these lyrics that religion is a myth. Yep, Damian sure looks like he believes what he preaches. The tracks don’t let up in their intensity; they’re like an invading army attacking, until track 15’s “Know God, No Peace” where Damien screams the final rebellious lyrics of “I won’t obey!”

You get the idea? It’s take-no-prisoners and all hardcore here.

After the final listed track, long after it’s finished, is a secret track, listed on my Windows Media Player as number 33 where the vocals (of Damien, I assume) intone words about how the universal key to happiness is “strength, truth, and independence…” and go on with a philosophical monologue about the nature of independence and how it is dependent on the self, while drums pound and sonic voices moan over it in the background, fading out with the words “in silence” repeated at very long intervals.

This is actually a very danceable track. Watch for it to be played at your local industrial/goth club, with a smoke machine thickly shrouding the floor…


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