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Danielle Herzog’s Imagery

San Diego-based photographer Danielle Herzog is a creative machine.

Bio: Danielle Herzog grew up in San Diego surrounded by creativity with her mother, Linda, who was a painter and instilled in her a passion for nature. Herzog became interested in all forms of art and at fifteen began photography. Originally self taught, she began college classes in her senior year in high school at Palomar Community College. Since then Herzog has been shooting portraits and nudes in natural settings outdoors and in her studio in San Diego to Los Angeles. She has recently started a series of headshots of friends on their favorite pillows titled “Pillow Talk” and of friends nude in their closet titled “Closet Nudes.” Herzog has received nominations and awards over the years in The International Spider Awards and International Color Awards. Her inspiration comes from her interaction, love an fascination with people and nature.

Danielle Herzog can be reached by email HERE.

2005: 1st Place in the International Black and White Spider Awards in the Amateur Fine Art Category
2008: Nominee in the International Color Awards in Amateur Nude Category
2009: First Place in Alternative Processes Category in the International San Diego County
2011: Nominee in the International Black and White Spider Wards in Awards in the Amateur Portrait Category

For a photo gallery of her fine-art images go HERE or click the images below.

Danielle Herzog, in one of her self-portraits.

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