Ray At Night: NOIR Photo Art Show at Planet Rooth



NOIR Art Show at Planet Rooth

Bryan Barnes and Gustav Rooth, video interview

Planet Rooth at Ray At Night, San Diego, 6-14-08

Bryan Barnes is a San Diego photographer currently based in Escondido who works on art for film projects in Hollywood and is having an art show at Planet Rooth on North Park’s Ray Street. Last weekend I went to the Ray At Night block party and interviewed him and art gallery proprietor/Swedish immigrant/Ray At Night founder Gustav Rooth on video. Click here for the whole thing.

A 6-foot-eight former college basketball scholarship holder, Bryan Barnes talks about the meaning of his darkly gothic, mostly duotonal photographic images, some of which he adds splashes of blood red to, and how the show is meant to call attention to domestic violence.

Gustav addresses the current controversy regarding an ongoing power-struggle between other members of the art community and himself over the direction of the long-running Ray At Night event, the concept of which he conceived, named and fostered in this formerly seedy corner of what was considered almost an inner-city ghetto part of town just before the housing boom hit less than a decade ago, and the name of which he reportedly has a US Trademark/Patent pending on. Go to RayAtNight.com and read more, after watching this video…

~Reviewer Rob

Click this pic for the video interview link:

Below, Gustav Rooth at right, with friends and art lovers in his gallery.
Photo: (c) http://ReviewerPhoto.com.

Below, Barnes with his sister Samantha on his right and two models from framed art on the wall in the show.
Photo: (c) http://ReviewerPhoto.com.

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