audio: interview with LaVoy Finnicum

[Sound File] Constitutional Issues and the rights of the people to use the land LaVoy Finnicum was the spokesman for the militia standoff up until late last month when he was shot dead at a roadblock where he and several other militia members were to be arrested for illegally holding a national wildlife refuge shelter in eastern Oregon. Reviewer Magazine […]


  One Small Oregon Town Deals With America’s Growing Trend Of Gun Violence In the aftermath of the tragedy at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, the test every student needs to prepare for. by S.A.S. It’s something we all grew up with. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. The fire alarm would echo through the school hallways over the intercom. Depending on […]


Small town clubs may be where it’s at. By: SAS Turns out you can buy a tickle. Or, technically, the tickling is free, it’s just $15 cover at the door. Fetish night at The Brickhouse in Springfield, Oregon immediately reminds me of a small town Halloween party I went to in grade school, hosted at the school auditorium, except instead […]

Ten years ago this month: An Epic Oregon Roadtrip, 2005.

[Journal Archive] Oregon Journey, 2005. ten years ago, there was an epic road trip to Portland by Reviewer Rob Tweet Editor’s Note: In early Fall, 2005, I went on an exploratory expedition to the Northwest, driving from San Diego to Portland along the 101 from LA to SF and then up the 5 through Medford and into PDX, stopping finally […]

Behind the scenes at The Oregon Coast Aquarium

BIG BUSINESS AND ANIMAL RIGHTS Seaworld sucks, and can learn a lot from The Oregon Coast Aquarium