demo review: Poetic Poverty from Greedy Eyes

Garage Rock Lives EP review by Rob Poetic Poverty Greedy Eyes This is awesome psychedelic prog-punk that soars, just soars, from the first note of the first track! Then it slows down a bit and delivers a punkrock beat and vocals that sounds like it was recorded in a warehouse district basement or a dusty waterfront garage. I like the […]

Trasharella Ultra Vixen

The Showgirl Must Go On Rena Riffel remakes her directorial debut Trasharella as Trasharella Ultra Vixen and has plans to film a kind-of sequel to the mid-90’s dvd rental cult favorite Showgirls by Reviewer Rob As one would expect, Rena Riffel is physically gorgeous in person. Let me start out by saying that. The other thing is she comes off […]

The Old Horse, out August 3rd, from Manuok

Advance Music Review Manuok The Old Horse This is such an amazing album/CD. Knowing of Scott’s background as a permanent member of such huge acts as Blackheart Procession, Via Satellite, Mister Tube, as well as The Album Leaf (amazing bands) I am reminded of George Harrison striking out on his own from the Beatles. Manuok is so amazing in its […]

music review: Pinata Protest Plethora

Pinata Protest Plethora This appears to be the first full length CD by this South Texas band and it is pretty rad, actually. At times it sounds like a combination of The Dropkick Murphys and a Mexican mariachi band, at other times I think I hear the elements of Klezmer punk in it… This music is full of so much […]