New Music

CDs and new releases various artists Dry County Drifters Broken Hearts and Second Chances This band is polished and has the clean sound of a seasoned country act. At first I thought they might be alt-country rock, but no, this is the real thing. It’s mighty country. I have to admit, by way of full disclosure, dear readers, that I […]

Matador Vegas Roadtrip Action

Matador Celebrates Its 21st Birthday With A Vegas Blowout From Ready for a road trip? Indie super label Matador is turning 21 this year. And what would any right-minded individual do to celebrate that milestone birthday? Head to Vegas of course. The Matador at 21 music festival, to take place at The Palms, October 1-3, boasts a ridiculous lineup […]

Modern Necromance

I Love Cemeteries! story and photos by Jessica Delfino New York City Signs posted on splintery wooden poles and rusty metal stated “No Loitering” and I knew they were speaking to me. It almost seemed like the teens of my town were hated, like dirty mistakes, and that adults hoped that we would just disappear. So we did. If you […]

DVD review: The Ballad of Peter LaFarge

[Film] The Ballad of Peter Lafarge/Rare Breed The Ballad of Peter LaFarge (DVD) review by Jim Cherry Peter LaFarge was a proto-type for a rock star, he led a life that would be the envy of any writer. He was a rodeo cowboy, actor, playwright, folksinger, painter, manic depressive, drug user, all the things that burn in talent and leave […]