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The Experiments What Kind of Animal Review by Sean Ross The Experiments latest and free album What Kind of Animal quickly asserts itself as pop-punk teeming with classic sounds familiar to the tortured underage urban wanderers of the late seventies and early eighties—only, much tighter and impressive, more now. Songs are replete with stylized guitar punctuations, absurdly succinct and punchy […]

Three more new CDs that will rock your world!

New Concept Stomp! Esox Music Reviewed by Kent Manthie There’s a new band in town, just off the Lufthansa jetliner from Germany: New Concept sound like they just stepped out of a time warp from a club in what was then West Berlin, circa 1982. Maybe the members were catching a show by Ultravox, Cabaret Voltaire or Spandau […]

Brand New of Montreal CD – just out!!!

Of Montreal False Priest Polyvinyl Records, 2010 Reviewed by Kent Manthie What’s in a name? Plenty, if you’re Kevin Barnes. False Priest is his tenth blissful CD, released under the moniker of Montreal. Unfortunately, I was a Johnny-Come-Lately when it came to discovering this project, but then again, they hardly ever come out to So-Cal – I first reviewed them […]

book review: Neil Young, Long May You Run

[Book Review] Neil Young, Long May You Run: An Illustrated History By Daniel Durchholz and Gary Graff Voyageur Press Minneapolis, 2010, hardcover book review by Kent Manthie Into his fifth decade as an uncompromising, unpredictable and awe-inspiring songwriter Neil Young has touched the hearts and minds of many types of people: in other words, there’s no particular demographic for who […]