Sam Moses and The Bandit, Fast Guys, Rich Guys, and Idiots

FAST GUYS, RICH GUYS, AND IDIOTS Sam Moses and The Bandit hit the Portland International Raceway  By S.A.S. Sam Moses, author and racecar driver, has been an icon at Sports Illustrated for the last 17 years, from being involved in assignments that would rival any at National Geographic, to getting inside a racecar himself to compete with the rest of the country, it […]

Beaver State Dispatches

[Introduction] Oregon Neverland by SAS Oregon. San Francisco North, they say. The Beaver state. But more on that later. Here is green and Mother Earth. The streets are hemmed in by cherry trees that have been grafted to bloom pink and white flowers in the spring. And a city, it has to be, I thought when I first came here […]