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Jumped Out of Her Pants and Shoes

Before large corporate coffeeshop chains totally took over global control and the Covid pandemic wiped out our desire to go out and be where people were there used to be a lively social scene in neighborhood corner caffeine joints.

This shot is from early 2005 I think, in a San Diego coffee shop during Reviewer Magazine drop-off session of mine. I did local distro personally, yes time-consuming but rewarding. The issue is the one with the Nicole Kidman movie Bewitched shooting story. I wrote about coming across the film set at Booksoup in Hollywood because I never saw the movie. That’s a production photo of her and Will Farrell on set on the cover sitting there on the table.

This girl was hanging out with her friend drinking coffee and I had my Nikon FM2 SLR 35mm on me with a wide-angle lens. When I gave her a copy she took her shoes and pants off, stripping down to her thong as I took some photos of them, a bunch actually. She was really limber and did the splits, also putting her feet behind her ears. Just normal stuff.

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