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Automated Picture Displays in Adobe Creative Cloud

by Reviewer Rob

So, I went to a coffee shop last night at 12:30 and sat down, and by 3 a.m. automated a photo gallery in Adobe Creative Cloud for the first time. For two or three years now I’d been lamenting the absence of the standard included autogallery in Creative Cloud and even Photoshop 6 after switching over from Mac to PC in 2010, but then searched online and found I could add the Photoshop auto gallery function from the ‘Goodies’ disc that came with Creative Suite 6. Why they did that was puzzling. When in 2007 a buddy in Ocean Beach SD who lived two doors down and webmastered a BBW site told me all that was required to output a Photoshop gallery was File > Automate I quite literally went nuts. It was like an epiphany that spurned a massive surge in creativity. I credit that and the the discovery of WordPress for content management as being what made everything make sense in web design and were the real starting points for everything that came after for me. Well, there was also that girl from Craigslist in 2005 who showed me how to write an href picture hotlink in html but I’m going way too far in the past now.

Back to my story about last night. For some reason Adobe bailed on auto galleries completely after CS6. I began to think it was a conspiracy thing and that they were in bed with designers that were somewhere selling other applications to photographers and hobbyists who needed a photo management creation system. After reading a couple of Adobe help forums it turned out they were moving it around, first to Bridge for a failed iteration that was plagued with bugs and outright nonfunctionality, and then settling on Lightroom which I discovered last night was a fine version comparable at first blush to what I left behind in Photoshop 6. I even tried it in my CC Bridge before starting up Lightroom and found out the Bridge problems were known issues that got reproduced in identical fashion for me: you download and install a Workspace folder in your Adobe Programs, after which when you click on Output it won’t work, and then upon starting Bridge — nothing happens. The application won’t even start up. So I deleted the Output folders and the app started up again. Back to normal Bridge, back to square one, and still no autogallery.

More Google searching for fixes and part of the way down page one was the entry for Lightroom’s CC gallery output. Viola! Sunshine everywhere, it worked perfectly first time with no downloading and modifying of the app in my hard drive.

Seriously, it was like Adobe was playing some kind of snarky prank on the older users like me that were used to the way things were before Creative Cloud. I still suspect some kind of conspiracy.

Picture from Google Image search: "Adobe Lightroom web gallery".
Picture from Google Image search: “Adobe Lightroom web gallery”.

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