Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects

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“Upon delivering his television, seeing all the equipment, tools, and random Antarctic memorabilia, a conversation ensues with Freddie Dillinger…”

From the page for Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects Record Release Show, with The Creepy Creeps, Tropical Popsicle, SD Casbah, 9-12-15.

Mister Tube And The Flying Objects.
Mister Tube And The Flying Objects.

After a short stint as a stuntman in the 1950’s, Freddie Dillenger (a.k.a. Freddie Danger), son of John Dillenger finally broke the wrong bone, his funny bone. Not only was it a gift from his parents, but it made him laugh when others were burning, falling, or in otherwise serious peril. Losing his funny bone caused him loss of sleep, narrow-mindedness, and more importantly, loss of gain. But the days of hurting himself for the amusement of others were not over. Enter Freddie Feelgood and the Real Good Feelings, singing with his buddies kept his mind off the stunts. After two long years, two halves of a record and out of money, Freddie & the Feelings were forced to go back their roots. An unsucessful bank robbery landed the entire band in the slammer. Hot out of the can (circa 1955), Freddie changed his name to “Mister Tube”– exclusively. Not only because he invented the original “bendy straw”, but because he was hiding from the IRS (before there were computers it was easier to evade one organization by misusing another). Between 1956 and 1960 Mister Tube sold carpet in Toledo while writing and recording songs and forming SDRL Unlimited. No one knows why. Upon questioning MT has only said, “Mexican beer, and plenty of it.” …Listen up reject planet, don’t go comatose… this is planet stomping music for the planet stomping troopers. Sounds from the galactic junkyard. Sounds of horns that drift through the back alleys of our ghettos. Pulsing and pumping sounds from the trunks for lowriders. Like stories from the last living tree in this concrete jungle, stories from the elders delivered by a new generation. Polish your wheels rub it out, through the sounds, souls and hearts of the youth. Mr. Tube’s story must be told. It was the summer of 2002 when Paulo Zappoli (from the Black Heart Procession) was having trouble with his television. It was the winter of 2003 when he took it to an old run down shop he had seen in National City, California, Tube Heaven. Upon delivering his television, seeing all the equipment, tools, and random Antarctic memorabilia, a conversation ensues with Freddie Dillinger, a.k.a. Mr. Tube. Within a couple years, Paulo got to knowing Freddie …and learned some interesting history. In the 60 and 70’s, Freddie Dillinger lead a band called Freddie Feelgood and the Real Good Feelings. This later morphed into Mr. Tube and his flying objects …all this time having written 100’s of songs and yet never releasing a single album. True to their beliefs of non-corporate control, free music, and free records — they never got a deal. After two decades, thousands of stages, no money, and no records Freddie and the band disintegrated. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Freddie was everything from an undertaker at a mortuary to carpet salesman, then finally settling in National City with his Chinese wife Wo Wang (opening Tube Heaven). Eventually, Paulo heard some live recordings of Freddie’s and gradually persuaded him into the idea of recording some of these golden nuggets from years past — Collector’s Classics. Paulo agreed to reform a band that could do Mr. Tube’s song’s justice. Mr. Tube would write, arrange, record, and produce the ten songs at Paulo’s Stereo Disguise Recording Laboratories using old and new equipment to capture the sound. Pulling resources, Jovi Butts on bass, Chris and Scott on drums, and many others in the southern California area, they all worked with the respect for the elder sounds, planet stomping music. It’s 2006 and these songs were written between 1968 and 1979, lost classics and current chart breakers. These sounds carry on through the generations creating new astral planes like galactic poison floating in between the 68 planets. Undiscovered, undisturbed, undenied, unattainable, unheard, is now unveiled. Hold strong and listen up. The flying object plan on touring for this record and will bring these sounds to your local slum pit of a bar soon – leave yr weapons at the door and yr hearts in the gutter – Life is science fiction – punching planets with rubber fists – this universe is like a pinball machine and Mr. Tube is the music – all you have to do is put a quarter in and push play — TO BE CONTINUED…

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